Book Review: I Love You Since 1892 by Binibining Mia

ABS-CBN Books named best-selling novel "I Love You Since 1892" Book of the Year - Fiction during a virtual authors' event attended by Project Foreword mentors Ricky Lee, Ardy Roberto, and Makiwander. Binibining Mia, the book's author, received the honor for topping the NBS bestseller lists and revitalizing the genre of historical fiction in the Philippine setting.

Since its publication, the five-volume printed series—which now includes three offshoot novels and a collector's box set—has sold more than 210,000 copies. In addition to receiving a special award for Book of the Year created by Lilianna Manahan, LCS Group of Companies also co-presented Binibining Mia with a trophy for "Game Changer of the Year."

Synopsis from Wattpad...

The book tells the story of Carmela, a girl from 2016 who gets sent back to the year 1892 and falls in love with Juanito, a doctor-to-be and son of a powerful gobernadorcillo. The laws of nature will bend. After more than 104 years, Carmela, the fourth generation of the Montecarlos clan will be born on a leap year. A short trip to San Alfonso for her 20th birthday will give her rebellious life a whimsical twist. Through a diary, she'll go back in time. And the Carmela of 2016 will meet Juanito of 1892.

My reaction to this novel...

You would not believe me if I told you that I read all five novels in this collection—which I bought in its entirety—in only four days. I generally get bogged down in the second novel while reading sequels, but not with this one.

I read this book because I saw far too many copies of it at bookstores, not only in the city, and I was intrigued about the story and why so many people were waiting in line to buy it. It was my first novel written by a Filipino author, which I read and bought. And since it's my first, I have great expectations.

The main character in the book series, Carmela, is a woman from the 21st century who unintentionally travels back in time to become Carmelita Montecarlos. As she looks for a way to get back to her own time, she is drawn to future doctor Juanito Alfonso (Marlo), and the two fall in love. The two strong-willed people also had to face with harsh repercussions despite their earnest efforts to protect what they had. The novel will have you pondering if Carmela will be able to go home or if Juanito would keep her imprisoned in the past forever over the course of it all.

This novel series has entirely transformed my perception from what I initially thought it would be. Carmela, the main character, is incredibly annoying in the first three chapters, but I gave her a chance and kept reading the book. The story raced ahead so rapidly that I was surprised since I didn't realize I had begun the second book while I was reading. I had never read a book written in the Filipino language before, much less one that detailed the history of my country. Although I detest history and never studied it in elementary or high school, this book motivated me to find out more about my ancestors. This book really made me realize how beautiful our country is since I felt like I understood so little about its past.

It was a wonderful love tale, and I couldn't help but smile. Since I don't like romance novels, I was startled by how thrilled I felt everytime Juanito and Carmelita were mentioned in a scene. The only thing that upset me was how the plot concluded. The happy ending I was hoping for didn't happen. Five novels won't feel like enough to completely explore this work, and I found myself wishing there were more. Teenagers in particular should read this book since it will motivate them to learn more about the history of the Philippines.

Everyone should read it, especially teens, and I implore you to do so totally, absolutely, and outrageously.

My Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨(4.5/5)

*Quotes are in Filipino and have not been marked, which is why they were not included in my review.


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