Books Stay Inexpensive For readers As Booksellers Combat Inflation.

A key point regarding how inexpensive books are is made by Ron Charles of the Washington Post Book Club: The cost of a book in 2022 will only be approximately twice what it was in 1981, which is less than half the rate of inflation. He continues by emphasizing the tremendous strain that publishers and booksellers are currently under in order to absorb the steadily rising expenses since the price of books prevents the customer from being passed along production expenses in the same manner that they can be with other items.

According to Maria Pallante, president and CEO of the Association of American Publishers, publishing firms are facing significant cost hikes from all directions, including paper, printing, shipping, and transportation. The effects of inflation have been far tougher on publishers and booksellers than on book customers, who have mostly escaped unharmed. Publishers are not as easily able to change pricing as, for example, a shoe maker. The list price serves as the foundation for calculating how many contracts and receipts are generated, therefore the publisher's timing of any necessary revisions is often carefully considered, taking into account how such changes might influence their business partners.

The list price is an important factor in providing any given book its best chance of success, according to Pallante, who also noted that publishers hold publications in trust for their writers. The sales of a book that is now being produced or that is already in storage may suffer as a result of a price rise. Similar restrictions apply to book retailers. 

Inflation puts them in a difficult situation and really squeezes them, according to Bradley Graham, co-owner of Politics and Prose in this city in Washington. This is due to the fact that as our costs rise, book prices tend to rise more slowly and aren't even influenced by them. They are determined by publishers. It's a challenging situation to be in.

Source: Washington Post Book Club


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