Book Review: The Memory Watcher by Minka Kent

“I exist wholly in this space he has created, this space where I’m the most wonderful thing he’s ever loved, and he’s the only man I ever want to be with.”

― Minka Kent, The Memory Watcher

The Memory Watcher is the Girl On The Train of 2017. Excellent writing, with sufficient character and plot development to keep readers engaged throughout. Because of the sharp, creative writing and alluring characters in Minka Kent's books, you'll find yourself utterly engrossed and thinking about the books long after you've finished reading them. If you're searching for quick-paced, easy exciting stories, you'll surely find that in her works.

Synopsis from Goodreads...

When Autumn Carpenter stumbles upon the social media account of the family who adopted her infant daughter years ago, she finds herself instantly drawn into their picture-perfect existence. 

From behind a computer screen, Autumn watches Grace's every memory, from birthdays to holidays to bedtime snuggles. But what starts as an innocent fascination spirals into an addictive obsession met with a screeching halt the day the McMullen family closes their Instaface account without so much as a warning. 

Frantic and desperate to reconnect with her daughter, Autumn applies for a nanny position with the McMullens, manipulating herself into Grace's life under false pretenses. And it's only then that Autumn discovers pictures lie, the perfect family doesn't exist, and beautiful people? They have the ugliest secrets.

My reaction to this novel...

It's my first Minka Kent book, and I'm not sure why I picked it up. I was completely drawn into the world of pretenses and deceit by this book. Not everything you see on social media is real, and occasionally the individuals we perceive as perfect have the most repulsive secrets. I love reading suspenseful thrillers, and this one meets all the criteria for what a thriller ought to be. I adore how bizarre this book is. When I first started reading it, I had no expectations, but it rapidly won my respect, and I can't stop devouring the story. The entire thing truly sank in.

Every chapter was never boring, and I was ready to read more to find out more. I enjoyed both of the major characters, and strangely enough, despite the fact that I probably shouldn't have, I could identify to something about each of them. Their views were straightforward and sincere. They were perceptive enough to see what was happening on around them, but they also displayed frailties and committed errors that gave them a human touch. Some of the characters' paradoxes appealed to me; I felt that it made them more fascinating. The numerous similarities between Autumn and Daphne really caught my attention. Despite leading quite different lives, they were actually quite similar at all.

This novel truly lead me to believe that I knew everything, but when the twist was finally revealed, I was taken completely by surprise, leaving me troubled and with my mouth open. The narrative started off slowly, and I assumed the secrets were all there was to it. However, as you read it, you'll discover how insane it really is. The author's thinking is incredibly twisted, just like it has been all this time, and I truly like how twisted it was. I couldn't help but wonder why I hadn't seen that one coming. Her storytelling was excellent, and I felt it was extremely well done.

It's challenging to write a psychological suspense novel. Even more challenging is getting the reader to keep reading the pages. From the very first page, Minka had me hooked, and I found it difficult to put a chapter down unread. After finishing the book, I was shocked to learn that this was the author's first work. This is only one illustration of the many great, undiscovered authors who deservingly have their novels included among the bestsellers in every bookshop. The plot of this novel was unpredictable, and just when I thought I understood how it would finish, it changed course. It was such a great experience that I wished it could have continued longer. Anyone who likes a good psychological thriller should definitely read this one. This should undoubtedly be included on your list.

My Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨(4.5/5)

“Some of us were born with less desirable junk that clutters our DNA. Some of us were born with DNA that makes us want things we shouldn’t have and do things we shouldn’t do, and at the end of the day, it boils down to the fact that we are all made a certain way, there’s nothing we can do to change it, and that’s just how it is.”

While it is true that each person has a unique DNA makeup, I also think that our environments and the people around us play a significant role in how we grow as individuals. Actually, even if we try our best to be good, I sort of think that just because we have terrible DNA doesn't mean that we are also evil. It really isn't like that. I continue to think that everyone is capable of greatness, and that our families, the people in our immediate vicinity, and our surroundings all play major roles in fostering that greatness.


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