Book Review: Dangerous To Kiss by Elizabeth Thorton

"When love fades, good intentions fly out the window.."

--Dangerous To Kiss by Elizabeth Thornton

The intriguing narrative of romance, mystery, and adventure in Thornton's Dangerous to Love most recent book is set in England during the Napoleonic Wars and is speedily and chock-full of surprises. A complicated storyline that audaciously sweeps the reader through abductions, identity revelations, extortion, and death is expertly constructed to include the battle of wills. Dangerous to Kiss is a delight to read because to Thornton's solid command of her storyline, her exquisite style, and her amusing humor.

Synopsis from Goodreads... 

Handsome, kind, and unassuming, Mr. Gray seemed the answer to Deborah Weyman's prayers. For once she accepted the position he offered, she would finally be safe from the notorious Lord Kendal, a man she had good reason to believe had murdered her former employer -- and was now after her. But there were certain things about Mr. Gray that Deborah should have noticed: the breadth of his shoulders, the steel in his voice, the gleam in his uncommonly blue eyes -- things that might have warned her that Mr. Gray was no savior, but a very dangerous man....

Too tempting to resist... Though she posed as a dowdy schoolteacher, Lord Kendal saw right through her disguise to the treacherous beauty beneath. Now, convinced that she alone can tell him the truth about Lord Barrington's murder -- and the whereabouts of Barrington's young son -- he coolly masquerades as the innocuous Mr. Gray. And only when it's too late for Deborah to run will she learn what it means to be at his mercy -- and powerless to resist his seduction....

My reaction to this novel...

After reading the first installment of this book, which I already reviewed before this, I can say that it was a wise decision on my part to read this since I've discovered that the author has finally made sense. I was happy that this book was quite different from the first, even though it dealt with different individuals and storylines. The nature of Mr. Gray appeals to me greatly. Because of the way the author wrote about and put words for his character, he makes me think of Henry Cavill from The Witcher. He seems to suit the character perfectly, therefore if this story is turned into a film or television series, he would unquestionably be my top pick to portray the lead role.

Anyway, even if the plot might be tedious and unsettling at times, I can still feel its influence. Even if we may assume that the plot—a girl hates boy, a boy hates girl, etc.—is too straightforward and conventional, I couldn't help but smile as I read it. I also noted that the book has a great deal of talking, which I believe would be ideal if it were completely eliminated because some of it may really improve the novel. I particularly like the mystery element, in which the author challenges the reader to figure out the real killer. Although the identity of the murderer is not very startling and the twists are not what I was expecting, the plot is still fairly decent compared to the previous book.

This one's opening story, which involved the abduction of the main character, was also fantastic. In the meantime, he is developing a growing fondness for her. It had a fantastic and captivating start, and it carried on very well. The end seemed a little too drawn out. Even though it took so long, I wouldn't have anticipated that it would be so wonderful when they eventually connected. Due to the length of the novel, I was simply rushing through the final three chapters. If the story continues like that, some readers might grow weary, but it's a good thing I was able to put up with it and still find it entertaining.

Even if I've read other romance novels that are far better than this one, it's still enjoyable to read and absorb its narrative. I heartily suggest this book to anybody who enjoy Regency love stories. You'll undoubtedly smile after reading this book.

My Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐✨(3.5/5)

"A panicked woman is a dangerous woman."

This is quite true, especially for women, in light of my experiences. Panic makes it difficult for a woman to think clearly. She is disturbed to the point where she cannot absorb and digest even what is in front of her. Therefore, if you want a woman to make a decision, make sure she is at ease so she can see through it all and won't make a snap decision and ruin everything. 


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