Book Review: Escape by Emma Eggleston

 “Sometimes we don't understand and all we can do is try to make it better.”

― Emma Eggleston, Escape

According to Goodreads, Escape was released on January 16th, 2021. This novel is YA fiction with a psychological and supernatural theme. The usage of drugs, despair, and anxiety are just a few of the important topics it focuses on.

Synopsis from goodreads...

Laila is Richardsville High’s quirky girl. She’s just biding her time until graduation when she has an unusual encounter with Matty, the all-American boy next door. When Matty and Laila start to talk, he shares a secret with her. He’s a part of a clinical study for a medication called effugium and it can really transport him to other places and times. Will Laila trust Matty enough to try the effugium?

My reaction to this novel...

Despite my predilection for reading works with significant psychological issues, this is the first of its sort I've read. Reading the first chapter, I could feel the author's sincerity. And as I flipped each page, it became clear that I was not the reader for this book. Although I'm not that old, I can't relate to how the teens felt, thus I found it difficult to really immerse myself in this work. However, I couldn't help but worry how depression can alter and continue to effect a person's life, especially how it impacts adolescents. Although many of us think there are causes for depression, this book will help us understand what depression actually is.

Even though many people would abuse it, the effugium's mechanism of action amazes me, and if it were real and it were made accessible over-the-counter, it would unquestionably be a big success in the medical industry.

This book is recommended for adults to read so they may have an understanding of what young people are thinking. I'm not saying that all teenagers are like this; I'm just saying that some may have had a similar situation where they felt the need to go away from anything they had or had done in the past.

I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any reader, especially those who enjoy books on depression and anxiety. Without a doubt, reading this will be interesting.

My Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐✨(3.5/5)

“I believe in loving people even if they'll never love you properly back.”

If you truly love someone, you won't wait for them to return the favor before expressing your feelings for them. Love should be freely given and unreserved. Be prepared to experience heartache, especially if someone you love doesn't reciprocate your love. Love is not a request to be granted; rather, it is a sacrifice that should be made regardless of how someone you love feels about you, since what matters most is how you will express your love for them. 

“Crying is thought to be weak, but I think those who cry openly are the very bravest of all.”

I wholeheartedly concur with this quote. It is true that crying does not indicate weakness. It is often a symbol of strength. Admitting that you occasionally experience sorrow and remorse is a sign of strength. You may occasionally feel as though you are dragging around too many worries. Crying is calming to the heart and spirit, and it usually serves as a signal to others that you are prepared to move on. 


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