Emily Henry Discusses Her Love of Romance Reading and Writing

Emily Henry has secured her position as the supreme authority on rom-coms for beach reading. Readers have been pleased by her books' blend of romance, comedy, and witty dialogue in titles like Beach Read, People We Meet on Vacation, and Book Lovers. The ideal pair, Harriet and Wyn, are the focus of her most recent novel, Happy Place. They have been together since college and are what the youths like to refer to as "couples goals" since they are fortunate to have friendships that have lasted a long time in addition to their romantic relationship.

Henry says it's still odd for her to be one of the year's most anticipated novels. She claimed that it is both frightening and exhilarating. Every year when a new book was published, she seemed to experience a slight increase in strain. Her desire to maintain a positive relationship with her readers has grown. She is thrilled to be a part of other people's summers, and she experiences a plethora of emotions on a daily basis, but overall she feels tremendously honored.

She also mentioned during her interview the reading genre she enjoys most. In the beginning of the epidemic, when she really needed that escape and that assurance of a happy ending, she did read romance books pretty much entirely. She has, however, just started to gradually get back into her love of reading suspense, horror, and sci-fi. She reads everything, but she believes that during the summer months in particular, she develops a need for the types of books with a very enjoyable setting that seem like their own holiday, like a frivolous, enjoyable story.

She really enjoyed this year's release by one of her favorite authors, Emma Straub, This Time Tomorrow. Indeed, she is one of her favorites. She believed the book to be amazing.

Kennedy Ryan is one of her top recommendations for romantic books in particular. She also adores Denise Williams since she believes that each of her novels reads like a cuddle. She also enjoyed Christina Lauren, who is another well-known figure.

Taylor Jenkins Reid is another one of her favorite authors. She has been a writer whose novels she eagerly anticipates each year. Another is Mhairi McFarlane, whose works are so excellent that every time she reads one of them, she becomes jealous.

When asked why she likes romance, she responded that she loves everything about it, but she believes what draws her back to it is its sincerity and earnestness. She enjoys reading much and writing greatly as well. Yet creating a love tale for her has a particular quality all its own since it forces the author to confront their own skepticism and truly embrace the notion of a happily-ever-after. Whether or if this is something that merits their time and effort. She finally experiences the same sense of comfort and optimism from writing them that she does from reading them. And she believes that bringing that into the world at any moment is a really worthwhile thing. 


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