Book Review: The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel

“But your love goes beyond that. You can know all these things about your wife and not be in love with her and put your trust in her, but you do. So the decision goes beyond the evidence, yet it is there also on the basis of the evidence. So it is with falling in love with Jesus. To have a relationship with Jesus Christ goes beyond just knowing the historical facts about him, yet it's rooted in the historical facts about him.”

― Lee Strobel, The Case for Christ

Has Jesus of Nazareth's claim to be the Son of God been supported by reliable evidence? In The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel, a famous author and former legal editor at the Chicago Tribune, follows his own spiritual conversion from atheism to faith and presents an engrossing argument for Christ's existence.

Synopsis from Goodreads...

There's little question that he actually lived. But miracles? Rising from the dead? Some of the stories you hear about him sound like just that - stories. 

A reasonable person would never believe them, let alone the claim that he's the only way to God! But a reasonable person would also make sure that he or she understood the facts before jumping to conclusions. That's why Lee Strobel - an award-winning legal journalist with a knack for asking tough questions - decided to investigate Jesus for himself. 

An atheist, Strobel felt certain his findings would bring Christianity's claims about Jesus tumbling down like a house of cards. He was in for the surprise of his life. Join him as he retraces his journey from skepticism to faith. You'll consult expert testimony as you sift through the truths that history, science, psychiatry, literature, and religion reveal. Like Strobel, you'll be amazed at the evidence - how much there is, how strong it is, and what it says. The facts are in. What will your verdict be in The Case for Christ?

My reaction to this novel...

I feel really privileged to having read this book as a Christian. Although I am not and never will be an atheist, it is incredibly amazing to read something like this from an atheist who later converted to Christianity. I know many Christians who are like me, just as I know many atheists, but it takes a lot of work to bring the Bible to them. If any atheists come to the same revelation, I think it is well worth the battle.

You'll learn from this book that there is no such thing as coincidence or even luck in life. Everything was planned, and it is up to us to either maintain our faith or simply go with the flow of things. There are numerous miracles occurring in our lives, but some of them could be so minute that only a select few are aware of them. Unbeknownst to Lee Strobel, miracles began to take place as he was looking for evidence that Jesus was only fictitious. Even the evidence he was anxious to use to disprove Jesus' presence worked against him, and in the end, he saw that the evidence he had gathered was not intended to disprove Jesus' existence but rather to convince him of Jesus reality.

I'd want to commend the author's wife since I can see how tough it will be if you and your husband have opposing ideas, especially if those beliefs concern our Lord God. However, it is merely praiseworthy due to her confidence that things would turn out okay and her prayers regarding her husband's conversion of heart toward Christianity. Her love for her spouse is genuine, but her love for God is so strong that she just places complete trust in Him when it comes to her husband.

Many people could appear to be like Lee Strobel, who rejects the existence of God and prefers to wait for proof before accepting it. But I absolutely believe that we must first believe before we can see. It was similar like believing in the air; even though we couldn't see it, we knew it was there. We must have faith before we can perceive things.

My Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(5/5)

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