Book Review: The Man God Uses by Oswald J. Smith

"Do you love Jesus? If so, you will want to please Him. If so, you will want to follow Him. I lf so, you will be fully satisfied with Him, Him and Him alone. The world will no longer draw. Its charms will cease to exist so far as you are concerned, and you will no more crave its empty pleasures. Jesus, Jesus, Himself, will be your all. You will feed upon Him, dwell with Him, abide in Him, love Him, and crown Him as king of your heart. All your questions will be easily settled if you really love Him. So again, do you love Him??"

--Oswald J. Smith, The Man God Uses

Oswald Jeffrey Smith penned the book The Man God Uses. The book was edited and released in New York by Christian Alliance Pub. Co. (1932). It includes 116 pages and 12 chapters. 

About the book...

Oswald J Smith will bring conviction to your soul and strengthen your spiritual connection with God. The man God uses is not your average and casual Christian. The next chapters cover: The birthday prayer, The man God uses, The divided life, The ultimate test, and The triumphant life.

My reaction to the novel...

Off The Kirb Ministries' Facebook page led me to this book. He suggested this book to Christians, which piqued my interest. I looked it up and read it. Actually, looking for this one took a lot of my time. Because I usually wind up in the incorrect book, searching is quite difficult. Fortunately, though, I was able to find it, read it, and finish it.

I've read some Christian literature in the past, but I wasn't really interested in this genre previously; something simply occurred to shift my interests during the past few months, and I'm not sure how.  I just remember that I urgently felt the need to hear the Christian teachings, even if I am a Catholic.

I believe it all began when I started reading the Bible. I had a feeling that I was drawn to it, and I came to the conclusion that I had to make a decision between being a Catholic or shifting to Christianity by accepting Jesus as my personal Savior. Of course, I picked Jesus and will always choose Him, so I sought for a church, asked a friend, and now I am living a life with Jesus. You may think after reading this that it was simple for me to abandon the faith that had been ingrained in me since childhood, but honestly, I find it to be quite challenging. My entire set of beliefs came under scrutiny as I studied the Bible, which pained me a lot.However, I came to realize that the truth is a gift from God, therefore I should know it and accept it. It's a blessing that I opened myself up to Him. I then started to watch sermons, podcasts, and Christian films, which eventually lead me to Off the Kirb Ministries and this book.

This book is straightforward to read; the author did a great job of simplifying it for readers, who will easily get how he wants to be understood. I could definitely feel all of his faith and challenges, but even though they may have seemed like struggles to others, they were still acts of worship to him. I was truly taken aback at how he felt that way, and it gave me hope that perhaps one day I too will devote my life to the Lord in the same manner.

This book will provide Christians with hope while also providing unbelievers with food for thought. We will be able to see what our purpose is and receive advice on how to materialize and carry it out. Though it may be tough at times, our Lord ordered us to do it, and we should not think twice about it. I greatly like this book and wholeheartedly suggest it to every Christian, as well as to non-Christians. This will undoubtedly help.

My Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(5/5)

I just want to share this excerpts from the book, I hope you'll like it to the same way I felt after reading it.

Go and tell the joy of Jesus!
Tell it out wherever you go;
Sing, oh, sing of His redemption,
Banish sorrow, pain and woe!

Go and tell the joy of Jesus!
Tell of how He bled and died;
Souls are waiting to receive Him,
Jesus Christ the Crucified.

Go and tell the joy of Jesus!
It will thrill another heart;
He is waiting now to enter,
And the light of Life impart.

Go and tell the joy of Jesus!
Let the whole wide world behold;
In your life the wondrous vision
Of a joy and peace untold.

Go and tell the joy of Jesus!
Let it echo far and wide;
All around you hearts are aching,
Hearts for whom He bled and died.

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