This Week's Top 6 Goodreads Reader-Recommended Books

Are you still in need of a justification to buy a new book for yourself this week? Early data from our other readers on Goodreads indicates that these are the books that just came out this week that have gotten the most attention on this particular day.

1. The Fraud by Zadie Smith

A vivid piece of historical fiction about who is deserving of telling their story—and being believed—by acclaimed and best-selling author Zadie Smith, set against the court case that tore Victorian England apart. The Fraud, a brilliant tale about truth and fiction, Jamaica and Britain, falsity and authenticity, and the mystery of other people, is based on actual historical events. This work should be read if we enjoy Jamaica, White Teeth, notable real-life cases involving imposters and inheritances, literary fiction set in London in 1873, historical fiction, or any of the aforementioned topics.

2. Evil Eye by Etaf Rum

With a compelling examination of Palestinian-American women's aspirations, what it means to live a full life, and how our unresolved pasts influence our present, the celebrated New York Times bestselling author of A Woman Is No Man makes her triumphant comeback. This book is one that we ought to read if we enjoy literary fiction, family sagas, moms who are artists, mothers who are artists, Palestinian-American women, tradition against progress, and A Woman Is No Man.

3. Holly by Stephen King

Holly Gibney, a famous King character, makes a successful comeback in Stephen King's novel Holly. In Mr. Mercedes, Holly is a timid loner who is brave and ethical. In Finders Keepers, Holly is Bill Hodges's partner. In The Outsider, Holly is a fully-fledged, shrewd, and occasionally harsh private investigator. In King's most recent book, Holly is fighting a pair of horrifyingly evil and expertly disguising foes alone. If we enjoy Stephen King books, mysteries, criminal fiction, investigative firms, adored recurring characters, nasty tenured professors, and horror, we should read this book.

4. Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

Women are broken by males who are broken. It is what Lucian thinks and what he has seen, and he won't risk it with Sloane. He'd rather have a solitary existence than endanger her. But he discovers the hard way that abandoning her means leaving her defenseless against additional dangers. If we enjoy romance, modern fiction, steamy one-night encounters, high-strung business moguls, energetic small-town librarians, the Knockemout series, and the everlasting power of passion, we should read this book.

5. The River Runs South by Audrey Ingram

Fans of Kristy Woodson Harvey and Linda Holmes will enjoy this engrossing and enlightening debut book, which will speak to anybody who has ever felt a little lost. Readers of southern literature seeking the nostalgia of Sweet Home Alabama will enjoy The River Runs South's relevant reflection on Alabama's delicate environment and exploration of themes of sorrow, love, and community. This book is recommended for anyone who enjoy original books, contemporary fiction, romance, bereaved mothers who visit their hometowns in coastal Alabama, attractive fisherman, and ecological problems.

6. The River We Remember by William Kent Krueger

In this stunning stand-alone book from the New York Times bestselling author, a tiny Minnesota community is rocked by the death of its most influential resident in 1958, adding new fuel to long-standing tensions. The River We Remember is an unrelenting examination at the wounds left by the wars we struggle both abroad and at home, an emotional search of the means in which we seek for closure, and an affirmation to the lasting impact of the stories we convey regarding the places we consider home. It is also an intricate, captivating mystery and an effective perspective of midcentury American culture. If we enjoy Victorian-era murder mysteries, 1958 small-town Minnesota, wartime trauma, customs and traditions of midcentury America, and This Tender Land, we should read this book.

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