Top 5 Historical Fiction Books To Be Released On February 2024

Any historical book is defined in part by the blending and confluence of fact and fiction. From reading history books, we are aware of the achievements made by well-known figures in the past. Family legend has probably given us stories about our own ancestors. However, we are clueless of, and have not personally experienced, their social and human motivations and feelings within their true historical context.

The following historical fiction works are scheduled for release in February 2024:

1. The Things We Didn't Know by Elba Iris Pérez

Elba Iris Pérez, the first winner of Simon & Schuster's Books Like Us contest, explores a young girl's adolescence between 1950s Puerto Rico and a tiny Massachusetts industrial town in her lyrical, cross-cultural coming-of-age first novel. The Things We Didn't Know, a poignant and vivid portrayal of a different aspect of 1950s American society, makes Elba Iris Pérez a remarkable new literary talent. Gallery Books is scheduled to release this book on February 6, 2024.

2. The Women by Kristin Hannah

The Women by Kristin Hannah, the acclaimed author of The Nightingale and The Four Winds, is both an epic story of a divided country and an intimate portrayal of adolescence in peril. While The Women tells the tale of one woman who went to war, it also serves as a beacon of hope for all women who risk their lives for their nation and whose sacrifices are all too often forgotten. The Women is a beautifully drawn tale about strong friendships and audacious patriotism. It features a distinctive protagonist whose idealism and bravery in the face of adversity would come to define a period. The anticipated release date of this book by St. Martin's Press is February 6, 2024.

3. The Phoenix Crown by Kate Quinn, Janie Chang

A gripping and fascinating story about the entwined lives of two mistreated women, taking place from the mayhem of the San Francisco earthquake to the glistening palaces of Versailles, comes from blockbuster authors Janie Chang and Kate Quinn. This book is scheduled for release by William Morrow Paperbacks on February 13, 2024.

4. The Hidden Life of Cecily Larson by Ellen Baker

This gripping tale of survival, love, and the families we create brings Orphan Train and Water for Elephants together. The Hidden Life of Cecily Larson is an engrossing, gripping, and delightful family drama that traverses a significant portion of modern history and is focused on one extraordinary lady and her will to live. This book is scheduled to be published by Mariner Books on February 20, 2024. 

5. The American Daughters by Maurice Carlos Ruffin

From the bestselling author of We Cast a Shadow comes an engrossing historical fiction about a bold young girl who joins a sisterhood of Black women fighting the Confederates together. The American Daughters is a book full of optimism and victory that shows us what happens when a group of people get together to fight for their freedom. One World is scheduled to release this book on February 27, 2024. 


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