Top 5 Thriller Books To Be Released On April 2024

Thriller books go beyond by including the reader directly in the action, even though all books strive to put their readers in the shoes of the characters. Readers are essentially entrusted with the same mission—solving the case before the book's last chapters—and are making connections between every information and hint given with the detective in the novel. These novels are difficult to put down because of turns of events; for those who wish to escape their own doubts and difficulties, they frequently serve as an escape.

The following thriller books are scheduled for publication in April 2023:

1. Daughter of Mine by Megan Miranda

The latest gripping book from All the Missing Girls, The Last to Vanish, and The Only Survivors author Megan Miranda, an immediate New York Times bestseller. The plot of Megan Miranda's upcoming thriller is a deft twist on the genre: the protagonist, a local detective's daughter, returns to her childhood house after inheriting it and starts to unearth mysteries that could help explain her mother's disappearance years earlier. This book is scheduled to be published by S&S/Marysue Rucci Books on April 9, 2024.

2. Darling Girls by Sally Hepworth

The New York Times bestselling author of The Soulmate and The Mother-in-Law, Sally Hepworth, presents an exciting page-turner about sisters, secrets, love, and murder. You will find yourself flipping pages again and again in Sally Hepworth's novels because of their deviously twisting narratives and darkly comedic timing. The anticipated release date of this book by St. Martin's Press is April 23, 2024.

3. Missing White Woman by Kellye Garrett

The bestselling author of Like a Sister returns with an engrossing thriller and page-turner that won't soon be forgotten. In this story, a lady wakes up thinking she is on a romantic vacation, only to discover her lover gone and a body in her rental property. Carefully blends sadness and bereavement, comedy and identity, and the craziness of social media. The anticipated release date of this book by Mulholland Books is April 30, 2024.

4. Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies by Catherine Mack

In Catherine Mack's irresistibly funny series debut, Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies, best-selling fictitious novelist Eleanor Dash embarks on an Italian book tour that becomes a real-life murder investigation as her life begins to mirror the worlds of her books. Minotaur Books is scheduled to publish this book on April 30, 2024.

5. Home Is Where the Bodies Are by Jeneva Rose

A gripping family drama about the skeletons in the closet from the New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Marriage and You Shouldn't Have Come Here. Home is Where the Bodies Are is a crazy trip full of 90s nostalgia and razor-sharp insights that will make readers ponder just how well they know their own parents. It is a dark and twisting perspective on bereavement, sibling rivalry, and the dead, quite literally, buried in one family's past. Blackstone Publishing Inc. is scheduled to release this book on April 30, 2024.


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