Top 5 Historical Fiction Books To Be Released On June 2024

Historical fiction personalizes events, making them vivid and emotional in human stories, and reflects the failures and successes of individuals who have gone before us. It utilizes real-life instances associated with evolving economic and social concerns and has a remarkable ability to remain relevant for hundreds or even thousands of years afterward.

The following historical fiction books are scheduled for release in July 2024:

1. The Lion Women of Tehran by Marjan Kamali

The poignant, epic new novel of friendship, treachery, and redemption from the nationally renowned author of the profound, tragic The Stationery Shop is set against three pivotal decades in Tehran, Iran.  The Lion Women of Tehran is a comprehensive examination of how people we encounter in our early years greatly influence us and how love and bravery may change our entire existence. Gallery Books is scheduled to release this book on July 2, 2024.

2. Masquerade by O.O. Sangoyomi

Masquerade is a stunning, lyrical story that explores the actual cost of one woman's quest for freedom and self-discovery, as well as the lengths she would go to protect her future. It is set in a magnificently recreated 15th century West African setting. OO Sangoyomi's Masquerade, loosely inspired on the tale of Persephone, transports you to a world of epic power struggles and political intrigue that upends entire regions. Forge Books is scheduled to release this book on July 2, 2024.

3. The Heart in Winter by Kevin Barry

The debut American novel by award-winning author Kevin Barry is the heartbreakingly romantic and viciously humorous story of two young lovers on the run in 1890s Montana. Kevin Barry has once again shown himself to be a master stylist, an unparalleled humorist, and a real poet of the human heart in this timeless love story that is lyrical, vulgar, and propulsive. Doubleday is scheduled to release this book on July 9, 2024.

4. The Briar Club by Kate Quinn

A melancholic and powerful tale about female camaraderie and concealments within a Washington, D.C. boarding house in the time of McCarthy. The Briar Club is an engrossing novel that will captivate readers who enjoy historical fiction featuring strong female leads and compellingly compelling characters. Quinn's outstanding historical mystery deftly addresses racial, economic, and gender concerns while vividly capturing the paranoid climate of McCarthy-era Washington. The anticipated release date of William Morrow's book is July 9, 2024.

5. Come to the Window by Howard Norman

A murder mystery, love story, and redemption tale that takes place in World War I-era Nova Scotia. When Toby Havenshaw reports on the hearing for the Halifax Evening Mail, he discovers that the villagers are in a state of extreme shock, sadness, and confusion. In addition to detailing Elizabeth's tale of infidelity and murder, his journal also chronicles his own idyllic marriage to Amelia, whom he had recently returned after serving as a physician on the front lines in France and Belgium. Come to the Window investigates a common question: how can one find hope during a horrific event? This book is scheduled for release by WW Norton & Company on July 9, 2024.


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